Sleep Disorders

5 tips on how to cope more easily with night shifts

Modern society comes with a heavy workload, and because of this, a huge number of people work irregular schedules, including…

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Sleep deprivation can cause stem cell healing in the cornea to be disrupted

Scientists are aware that sleep deprivation has a deleterious impact on the body, but they are currently investigating how it…

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10 Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleeping is a very essential activity because it guarantees that we are able to operate effectively throughout the day and…

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What’s the Link between Depression and Sleeping Habits?

Depression can have a negative influence on your sleep quality and quantity. When you’re dealing with depression, you’re more likely…

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REM Sleep Essentials

During sleep, our brain goes through 5 different stages. One of these stages is REM sleep – rapid eye movement.…

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