Mental Times is a website thought to help promote mental health awareness, especially in these hard days we are living in. Understanding how our minds work and how we can improve our daily lives is fundamental to achieving a healthier society.  Psychology and mental health are areas often overlooked by many people, but at Mental Times we believe that spreading information and educating about these topics can be life-changing in many ways.

It can help you have a better understanding of yourself, and in doing so, finding new and better ways to deal with your personal issues. This leads to an improvement in your self-esteem, relationships, work, your daily life in general. The increase of self-awareness can free us from our biases and help see things from other perspectives, make better decisions, communicate better, reduce stress and be happier overall.

Understanding how other people’s minds work is also enlightening, as along the way we also learn how people see us and how it affects us and them. It can help create a more empathetic community and facilitate the creation of policies and treatments that will aid those who need help. Asking for help can be hard, and many people feel embarrassed about it, but the more we talk about it, the easier it will become to be open about our needs.

Scientists and researchers play a fundamental role in this area, since it’s from their studies that we get a lot of data that helps clarify and identify correlations between thoughts, actions, surroundings, the physical symptoms, and all the other aspects linked to mental health. With these, disorders can be better understood and their treatment improved, as we get a better understanding of how our brain works.

Mental health involves so many aspects of our lives, that its full comprehension is practically impossible. Everyday new evidence is found, new analysis are made, hypothesis created and discussed between specialists in the field, and shared with the world. But don’t worry, we are here to facilitate all this information getting to you in an easy and accessible way!

We must not forget the last years have been truly challenging when it comes to mental health. A pandemic frightening the world, lockdowns that changed the structure of routine and relationships, isolation, uncertainty and losses. All of these can have a hard impact on our psychological well-being, leading to an increase in the number of people reporting symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, among other mental issues.

Now more than ever it is time to take a serious look at our mental health. Mental Times comes with the purpose of helping you in this process. If what you’re feeling is affecting your life, we advise to ask for help and find a certified professional to aid you. Here we share with you the facts and opinions about mental disorders and mental health, along with news and some tips to improve your daily life and well-being. We hope we can help you in your journey of self-discovery!

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