How introverts feel and deal with stress

An introvert can be more likely to get stressed out because they are more likely to think about things for a long time. The best way to deal with things is to think about your strengths.

Personality traits like introversion and extroversion can affect how you feel and deal with stress.
Introverts may hide their stress so well that others don’t even know they’re stressed. Introverts may have to work harder to get help, because they may not naturally share their feelings and thoughts with other people, which can make it hard to get help.

Often, introverts try to avoid certain situations when they are stressed. Not doing so can make you feel overwhelmed.

You need to learn how to deal with stress, even if you’re an introvert. The first thing you could do is figure out what makes you stressed out.

People who are introverts may be stressed by the same things that make other people stressed, too. Because of this, these three situations may be the most stressful for someone who is introverted:

There isn’t a lot of time to be alone.

A study from 2015 found that introverts have more gray matter in the prefrontal area of the brain. This part of thinking includes things like thinking, making decisions, planning, and other things.

The bigger size is because introverts spend more time doing these things, according to the study. It’s also true that introverts spend a lot of time planning and evaluating things, as well as just thinking about things all the time. More often, they use this part of their brain.

One reason introverts need more quiet, alone time may be because they need to be alone more often. This lets them think about things and plan.

Stress levels may rise if you don’t have time or space to think about and deal with everyday stressors on your own.

Not being able to avoid getting too excited.

In 2005, a study found that people who were more extraverted had brains that responded better to dopamine. When you are happy, your body makes a chemical called dopamine.

A 2007 study later found that extroverts look for “novelty” or new situations to feel the rush of dopamine. Introverts, on the other hand, were very sensitive to dopamine, so they tried to avoid situations that made them feel better.

This means that if you are an introvert, you may not be interested in new or exciting things. You may even be able to avoid these situations at all. Novelty can cause you to feel overwhelmed.

This could be why introverts avoid situations that they find too noisy. Social gatherings of this kind, for example,
People who are introverts may be stressed out by overstimulating situations in general.

Not taking care of symptoms of anxiety

A lot of research shows that the brain has a lot of connections between stress and anxiety. In other words, stress and anxiety use the same parts of the brain.

Introverts are more likely than extroverts to suffer from anxiety disorders and anticipatory anxiety.
Anxiety usually means that your stress response is always on, even if there isn’t a clear reason for it.
If you don’t treat your anxiety symptoms, your stress levels are likely to be high all the time.

The first thing you should do is to try meditation.

For introverts, this is a great tool because it gives them quiet and alone time.

Meditation can help you deal with stress and anxiety. It helps the brain stay focused on the present, which can be a great stress reliever for introverts who tend to think a lot and worry too much.

Meditation can also help you better control your emotions and lessen the physical and mental effects of stress with time and practice, as well.

If you’re stressed, you might want to think about starting a journal. Having an outlet for stress can also be very important. This could be exercise, journaling, or something else.

Introverts usually don’t want to talk to other people when they’re stressed. This could mean that you tend to keep things to yourself and think too much.

A journal can give you a place and time to write about how you feel and work through your thoughts alone.

Save time and space for self-care.

When introverts are stressed, they need to make time and space for self-care, which is important. After a busy day of meeting new people, introverts need time alone to relax.

If you don’t live alone, having alone time isn’t always possible.

It may take more work from you, but try to make a place where you can be alone at the end of the day, even for a short time. As an example:

  1. in a bath or shower
  2. listening to music on earphones while you cook and walk
  3. The word “pet”

You might want to try meditation or reading a book to calm your mind during these times.

Try to balance your social life with rules.

The more outgoing your friends are, the more likely you are to want to keep up with them socially and in conversation. There’s no need to put so much stress on yourself.

It may be important to keep your bonds strong, but you’ll also want to keep your boundaries in mind.
You might feel better if you have a cup of coffee with two or three friends once or twice a week. Try not to feel bad about not going on a weekend trip with a lot of people or not talking to your friends for a few weeks.
Setting rules may help introverts deal with stress.

Think about therapy.

Therapy can be a good place to talk about stress in a safe way. There are times when you need help and support from someone who isn’t in your social circle.

It’s a good idea to remember your strengths.

People who aren’t naturally good at networking or speaking up in meetings are likely to feel uncomfortable or even defeated when they go to work or school and don’t do well.

If you can pay attention to what people say and think about what you say, you can be a great person.
Try to be kind to yourself. Start by not putting yourself down.

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